Thats how it is...

Its been an exciting month, November. Had one of the best birthdays ever. Also one of the most expensive birthdays ever. I wish great memories came in cheap. They should. N planned a Dubai trip for me. She asked me what i rather do for my 40th… have a party for 400 people or have a out of India party with my closest friends. Best decision ever. You can see the pictures here.

Once i was back, my sister had a party for me here in Mumbai. The best party ever! I spent most of that in a an alcoholic haze and have no memory of what happened most of the night. What a waste. Of course I rubbed off some people the wrong way, said things I shouldn't have and done things i shouldn’t have. Basically I was me. 

Now looking forward to December, when Neha, Nirav come from New York and Rima comes from London. Will be awesome. 

Finally, paid up for Tahnee Gym membership and plan to start today. Also called for the cycle back and plan to start that form tomorrow. 

See you all in the next post. Cheers